Healthy, home-cooked meals.
Two healthy, fresh, and home-cooked meals to choose from.

Enjoyed any way you want.
Take your meal to-go, stay and relax with friends, or anything in between

Just $5. Period.
Your first dinner is on us. After that, it's $5 a meal.

A place to call home with healthy meals at a reasonable price

Every Monday in Back Bay

The Meals
Two options that change each night


A Light Choice

Great for every day dining. With consideration for calories, oils, fat, and vegetables, we've crafted a dishes that will leave you happy and walking off with a spring in your step.

A Savory Choice

Dishes for when you're feeling like indulging. With special consideration for flavor, we've crafted dishes to please every part of your palate, leaving you satisfied. 


Meals are not guaranteed Vegan or Gluten-free but may be prepared vegetarian if they are not already.

Friends and new faces with healthy, home-cooked meals.

Every Monday