Our goal at Hall is to build the space, community, and meals you need to feel at home and 'get where you're going'. Each Hall has a variety of spaces, dinners made every night, and a community of members and the Hall Team.

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The hall space

Hall has the perfect space for your to "get where you're going" whether thats straight to couch to eat dinner or study for the GMAT. We have you covered. Each Hall has three types of space:

  • 'Alone' Space — Space for individual or small groups to relax, work, eat, or socialize without being disturbed
  • Social Space — Space where a member may sit alone or with others that welcomes others to join or leave without effort
  • Sharing Space — Space for speeches, presentations, classes, and entertainment — This space is used for serving meals during dinner


Dinners made every single night to leave you healthy and satisfied. We offer two options and they change every day to keep the ingredients (and your choices) fresh! Here's how it works:

  • There is always a “Light Meal” with a non-meat protein, and a “Savory Meal” with a meat protein
  • Meal compositions follow the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Healthy Eating Plate
  • Included in a membership, everyone has a dinner meal available from 6-11pm and extras can be added in the app for $5 each


Members and the Hall team make the environment feel like home and keep Hall unique and different day after day. Hall is open to anyone and everyone that abides by our community guidelines!

  • A Hall location has a group of “Founding Members” who purchase memberships before opening. These members attend pre-opening events and get the first chance to introduce their friends to Hall
  • Members can bring guests at any time. Any Guest's first meal is free and needs to download the app to choose their meal
  • After a Guest’s first visit they can start a $20 week-long, trial membership to meet members and see if Hall works for them