It's Monday, why cook? Come to Hall!

Home-cooked meals with friends and new faces, every Monday in Beacon Hill

At Hall, we cook healthy, home-cooked meals every Monday so you don't have to. Come and go as you wish, bring wine, or bring a friend. We'd love for you to join us. Here's how it works:

Come to Hall Image.png

Choose your Dinner

  1. Open our email with two meals (A Light Choice and a Savory Choice) to choose from
  2. Choose as many as you like to-go or to stay through our App
  3. Add any extra notes
Come to Hall Image.png

Come to Hall

Hall runs from 5-11pm Mondays. You'll get a reminder the day of with the address, who's coming, and any other important details.

Keep coming back

On you first visit, we'll make sure you get introduced to everyone and your meal(s) are on the house. After that, bring a friend or come by whenever Hall fits in your schedule.

Consider this your home!